Posted by: Matt Y | 08/23/2015

Hugo Fallout

The Hugos are come and gone and you might think I’d be happy about the result given the fact that I was less than impressed by the quality of stories from what was nominated. But I’m not. I didn’t cheer when No Award happened in many categories because it’s depressing. The idea that the people who created the slates are trying to view this as a victory condition, as though fans were supposed to lie back and just ignore that they took over several categories and to do otherwise was an ideological attack, is fucking dumb. It’s a response to the idea that the Puppies told Fandom that they didn’t really know good work and were voting not because they liked different stories but because off affirmative action, and then told them here’s some good work (that coincidentally were also colleagues and friends wink wink) to vote on and you’d better vote for one of them or else!

Yeah, they tried to blackmail fans into voting for their friends, and when that didn’t work now they’re trying to claim that was the intent all along and now WorldCon is exposed! Instead of accepting that voters don’t like being told they were voting on the wrong things and being told what to vote on.

So sadly instead of the people who likely earned and deserved awards, No Award won several categories to express this disdain. Also because many of the nominated works were poorly edited and often subpar in quality to add insult to injury. It’s still sad to not give out an award instead of giving it to those who should’ve been nominated had this been a normal year.

No one won. At best it was fans expressing that they wouldn’t be held to the whims of pouty right fringe outrage culture warriors. The presenters did a phenomenal job with a rough year. As someone who loved 3 Body Problem I’m happy it won. I did pretty well with my own votes.

But this wasn’t a victory for anyone other than some assholes who wanted attention and to be able to have their friends promote that they are Hugo nominees. They got that attention for better or worse. Supporting memberships were high and the No Award votes were in the thousands while Puppies were in the hundreds. The fact that those memberships carry over until next year and that EPH and 4/6 passed hopefully means that we might only have another year where we have to face the potential of not having deserving nominees win awards.

Until then it’s just reading and getting nomination lists ready. There’s a lot of good stuff out this year too, so even if the award process is stuck in shitty culture war BS, the genre ha a lot of amazing voices to read. As a fan and reader that’s the biggest award of them all, to have more awesome stuff to read than I could ever be able to manage.


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