Posted by: Matt Y | 07/03/2015


I was reviewing the Hugo categories and aside from Graphic Novel I’ve caught up on all of them. But Fan Writing and Related were the roughest parts of the damn thing to the point where I took a break and read a bunch of books. I’ve been going through prior years Hugo Award winners and nominees to catch up recent years, like The Wind Up Girl, 2312 and Among Others, but also Paradise Sky, Finders Keepers, Nemesis Games, etc. I initially meant to start reading these as a palette cleanser of sorts and then I got so caught up in reading that I avoided reviewing this Hugo nonsense. Frankly reading good books is more entertaining to me than talking about shitty stories.

This is also Camp NaNoWriMo month, and while I’m mixed on the idea of NaNo in general the idea of a casual summer program to encourage fiction writing and to get some writing projects done is also more interesting to me than talking at length about hypocritical bullshit.

Not that I wont finish what I started, I just needed to step away from it. The Fan Writing category was filled with bitter bullshit and the Trans and Subhuman essays made me swear so much I felt like a new curse word needed to be invented to summarize my feelings towards it. At least the fiction sections were somewhat interesting instead of being a garbage heap. Then again I liked Wright’s stupid hammer description of The Hobbit 2. I felt that hammer heavily when watching Jurassic World.

So over the weekend I’m going to just dump my general feelings of the rest and be done with it.


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