Posted by: Matt Y | 05/28/2015


It’s sort of strange that for nearly any other entertainment hobby of mine I interact online with the various fans. Like with video games I write/wrote reviews for many years on a fan website and I often visited message boards. I did a lot for movies as well. But not books even though I read more than I do pretty much anything else. That’s part of the issue I think, my interest has been the books not the subculture around it.

Recently with this Hugo nonsense though I’ve been going to various sites and interacting with others and while it’s almost overwhelming how much of a culture has grown around it, like a giant coral reef that I’ve so far only seen the edges of, it’s pretty cool and fun to interact with people who are also huge book nerds about SF&F.  I say that as a high compliment.

This year I decided to join in the fun and become a supporting member for Worldcon, run by the WSFS and administrators of the Hugo awards handed out at that convention.  It’s volunteer run and managed and while I knew the history of the Hugos learning the history of various Worldcons through stories shared has been fun to read and impressive.  As part of that I got the Hugo award packet, something the organization generously gives to voters to be able to allow them to read all of the works nominated.  I’m making my way through it and I’m going to review the titles.  Not as I read them as I’m already deep into it, but just to share my own thoughts on what managed to get on the ballot this year.


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