Posted by: Matt Y | 12/05/2014

Liberal Fabulous

Apparently I’m a liberal fascist. At least according to the Vox Day, who is a gold medalist in mental gymnastics. He’s one of those spastic guys who rails against SJW (social justice warriors). He added me to a list of SFWA members, of which I’m not a member as I’m self published, and amusingly used the quote where I mentioned that if you need to compare your opponent to Nazi’s instead of presenting a valid counter-argument, you’ve already lost.

Anyway, aside from my busy schedule of cultural marxism I was talking about my high school notebooks and making fun of my teenage self. Here’s some more.

By far what takes up most of my Junior year notebooks is a story I apparently was obsessed with then but forgot completely about. It was called The Killing Game, or TKG as I abbreviated it in the notebooks. It was about a game that was held underground and whose participants were either rich people looking for adventure, or poor people who were having their debt leveraged against them into playing the game. It was essentially the game of Assassin. Meaning you get set loose in a city with a folder of the other targets and have a certain time limit in order to hunt them down and kill each other. There were other rules and stuff but that was the gist of it. The main character varied depending on when I wrote the story. Sometimes they were poor and forced into the game. Sometimes they were a guy who volunteered because it was the only way to find out what happened to a family member. Mostly it was lots of shooting and narrow escapes and for some reason all the scenes happened at night. There are some super obvious Matrix/Dark City/The Crow inspirations in there along with a gas station that was very much the same gas station I worked in.

Also my spelling sucked then. I’m not sure if it ever got better or if just my spell-check did.

I don’t know what flipped the switch between my notes on how this was going to be the best thing ever…to complete and utterly forgotten. I think it’s because as I continued to consume books I realized how derivative it was and I just walked away from it. Still it’s interesting to see how much I felt that if I could just find the right way to tell this completely ridiculous teenage violent action-fest that it could be a great novel, and the different ways I played with it. There are several different starts/stops, POV experiments, etc. Now I can see I didn’t know what I was trying to say with it so I just kept trying to say nothing and it felt wrong.


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