Posted by: Matt Y | 10/19/2014

In Jokes

I don’t know if other writers do this but I was going back and reading my book and forgot about the number of references and in jokes I put in there that only a couple of people might ever catch and several that no one will ever figure out. Like Paper Tigers. The title is from a song by Dry Kill Logic that I felt fit well. Plus I love that song. In The Troll I wrote bitin’ dog. I only wrote it like that because it has ties in my head to a Tim Powers character in Last Call. There’s stuff like that everywhere in the book. They were in jokes that only I could understand.

Makes me wonder how many other writers do this? I read a lot and I wonder if everyone has in jokes. Or maybe I’m just nuts. Either way it made a read of it again a year later more interesting to me because I forgot about most of the references.


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