Posted by: Matt Y | 09/20/2014

I want to play a game

I read my own blog post from months ago and the idea I had at the time re-stuck itself in my head with a vengeance. I want to play a game with the idea though and would like to invite you to join, anyone who reads this really, to play along with me.

Here’s my idea. I want to write a story as a documentary about a fictional website called The idea behind this being that Necromancy is real, sort of. It’s insanely expensive. You need a body (either that of the person or another cadaver) and personal items of the person you are trying to re-animate. It doesn’t really re-animate the person as much as bind…I don’t know what to call it at the moment, emotional shell casings or something. Echoes of a person that are thrown off during great time of emotion or stress. It’s not the actual person’s soul, and it can only animate a body for about 10 minutes. Because of the expense and short amount of time of animated not one really bothers with it due to the sheer impracticality of the time and money involved.

Then a website starts up where people can connect with the few who practice the art of Necromancy left and try and publicly crowd fund bringing people back.

Here’s what I’d be asking anyone who wants to play along with me: A story that fits into this mold. Whether that’s from the perspective of one of the Necromancers, clients, people who work for the website, the IT guy who has to keep it running, a donor(or donors), or whatever. Just something that explores the idea of what a person might go through just to have another chance to hear someone’s last words. It can be as a regular story, chat transcript, email, what the fuck ever.

Over the next couple of months I’m going to write a new part and post it here serial style, I’d either post your part here or link to it or whatever ends up working best. My own personal objective is to break it down into sections that fit with the 5 stages of grief (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance).

Want to play along? I figure it might be a fun exercise, I’m not looking to sell it or anything, I just like writing and have friends who like writing so I thought it might be fun to do so together. Comment or email me at


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