Posted by: Matt Y | 09/17/2014

7 Months later

Huh, meant to keep up on this blog.  Oops.

As a Master of Procrastination I’ve managed to get traction on a total of an additional 10k words on my sci-fi western story.  During that time I’ve written a couple of game reviews and some separate short stories and have done more editing on my fantasy book that I left behind at some point.  I got in the way of my own story and so needed to take a step back.  Well maybe not needed.  Wanted to.

So let’s talk about writing.  It interesting to me to see how other people work on it, some need to talk it out with others, some need music or different things.  Everyone has their own way of what works best.  Personally what works best for me is to go somewhere that isn’t my house and go to a strange place, whether that’s a coffee shop or whatever, somewhere where I’m not surrounded by, well, me.  Or at least the things that make me comfortable.  I love my wife, my cats, my house, etc.  But like being wrapped up in a warm blanket on a cold morning it’s easy to cocoon myself in that comfort and not want to go out into the cold.

The cold in this metaphor being my brain.  I tell myself stories all the time because I just never stop thinking about how to play around with different ideas.  Writing them down is another thing.  I’m at my most productive when I’m full of caffeine, in a place that doesn’t have things that my short attention span can latch onto when I’m stuck on a turn of phrase, with music blasting in my ear drums shutting out everything around me so that I’m alone with the idea for the story and something to write it down with.  Some folks need to be comfortable before they can get something down, I need to be at least a little uncomfortable.

That’s just me though.  Stay tuned, I’ll be posting a long story to this blog from an idea for a writing submission that spiraled far out of the word count limit imposed.


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