Posted by: Matt Y | 08/04/2013

The Doubts

I’m pretty sure anyone who has ever done writing or any personal artistic endeavor has had The Doubts.

I’m having a minor case of them at the moment.  I’ve decided to stop worrying about promoting my prior project (I’m not good at that anyway) and focus more on my current one.  It’s a sci-fi/western/mystery mashup.

I’m at 15k words in and my headspace is filling up with all the usual doubts and some new ones that decided to join the party.  At 15k I haven’t even started the mystery part yet as I’ve spent most of that time trying to world and character build.  Worrying that’s too much, that it’s too dialog heavy.  That the two characters I’m focusing on aren’t individualized enough.  That it’s too Western focused, and alternately that it’s too Sci-Fi focused, or maybe that I’ve switched between them in a flashback that was too heavy handed.  Worrying that I’m writing in a sub-sub-genre, as if writing horror short stories just wasn’t niche enough.

Of course all of those worries are dumb and I’ll get over them.  I’m at the part of this story that Stephen King talks about in his book On Writing.  The part where I feel like having someone read it and tell me it’s okay.  He recommends not doing that because having someone criticize an unfinished product means that it may derail it from the direction you wanted to take the story in.

But man, when you’re 15k words invested and god knows how many words are left, it’s intimidating to think you might be fucking up already.

I just need to remind myself that I’m writing this because I want to tell it.  Who cares if it’s too one thing and not another, or whatever.  I just need to get over myself and tell the damn story.

Which I’ll go back to doing….now.



  1. Story of my life.

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