Posted by: Matt Y | 06/02/2013

Book Tour

Going to do a virtual book tour starting 6/7, and figured I should dust of my corner for writing in case anyone happens to come along.  Haven’t been blogging about it lately because I’ve been working on something new, but also because life has been busy lately.

I know I’m mostly talking to myself here, but I’m cool with that.  I talk to myself all that time despite all of the bad advice I’ve given myself over the years.

Anyway I know some folks would be ‘What’s a virtual book tour?’

The answer is it is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a book tour through blog sites and stuff.  I’ve paid for it to help promote my book, which broke $100 in earned sales for me so I’ve officially made back what I’ve spent in coffee on it.  But after that the sales dipped to nothing.  I’m okay with that, I mean I wasn’t expecting overnight success anyway.  I’m trying to learn lessons though for future projects in case I self publish again.  This is an opportunity to get an idea how well something like this works, though in the future I’d probably want to do this around the time my book is actually released.  Maybe it’ll do nothing.  I’m terrible about selling myself.

What have I been up to otherwise?  I celebrated my six year wedding anniversary, went to Chicago, bought a new car and did a bunch of other work.  I’ve been writing a space western, tentatively titled Ranger at the moment (placeholder name that might stick) about colony worlds and alien artifact dig sites.  L’Amour’s fascination with gold rush towns is infectious and I want to see if there’s a way to translate that kind of story into a sci-fi world and characters.  Having fun writing it, we’ll see how it goes.  Aside from a terribly plotted trainwreck of a fantasy story I need to someday try and get back to, this’ll be the longest thing I’ve written.

Been reading a lot of westerns recently to get a feel for the tone.  L’Amour has the best turns of phrase, Max Brand’s style of cause and effect plotting is wild, and Zane Grey uses poetic license in his descriptions that are far from subtle but it works amazingly well.  Fun reads.


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