Posted by: Matt Y | 02/15/2013

A month later

It’s been a month since I published, and here’s what’s been happening:

I’ve sold about 10 physical copies and 22 digital copies of the book.  The I’ve sold the stories separately and that’s accounted for another 41 sales.  I’m at a little over $70 for my share of all of that.  For the free stories, Paper Tigers has been downloaded 92 times and No Strings 77 times.

My book is finally up on the Nook market.  Still waiting for iTunes to catch up.  I held a giveaway through Goodreads which had 502 entries but only two winners.  Mailed those out along with a copy w/sell sheet to Barnes and Noble Small Press in an attempt to get into their stores.  We will see how that goes.

While I’m not an invited guest to CONvergence, I might be able to rent a table and sell books there, which is an interesting thought but I’m not sure.  Space is limited for that.  I can do the same later this year for Crypticon, which is closer thematically to the book, but also not as large scale as a venue as CONvergence.  Still thinking about it.  It’d cost the same for either really.

Started working on my next project, which until/unless I think of a better title is called Ranger.  Space western.  I’ve always enjoyed Louis L’Amour’s fascination with the towns that would suddenly spring up around gold mines, wanted to put a different type of spin on that.  It’s going pretty smooth so far, in my head it’s at least book length.


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