Posted by: Matt Y | 01/29/2013

Week Two

Second week.  Smashwords sales didn’t move, though the free stories are doing well, 78 downloads for Paper Tigers, 75 for No Strings.  8 sales through Kindle, 6+ paperback.

That’s right, paperback.  Thanks to CreateSpace there’s a physical copy that’s available.  How awesome is that?  I received the Proof version early last week, fixed some formatting issues and spent a good day freaking out about if I used too many commas or not enough.  Said fuck it, gotta stop worrying about it and clicked approve.

I ordered a couple of copies myself because I plan on mailing it to B&N small press to be considered for sale in their stores.  Hope that goes through.  Still waiting for iTunes and Nook to get with the program.  Not sure how to market it still.

A little odd though, my friends mother bought the book and I don’t exactly know what to say about that.  That’s going to be an awkward conversation in the future.  My sister was told about it and bought a copy, which means my mom will probably know, which I had not thought of.  The Troll is semi-autobiographical so that’s also weird.

Got the flu so I’ve been down.  Gotta start next project soon though.


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