Posted by: Matt Y | 01/21/2013

One week later

Further chronicles of my self publishing journey.  I’m going to talk about different things like sales, promotion, reviews etc.

First day sales were interesting, for some reason a bulk of my stories were purchased in a lump of 5, twice during the day.  The Troll, Sub Theory, Feeding Time and Echo all sold 10 copies during that first day.  And zero since.  Not sure why the bulk purchase when the whole thing is $4.  One copy of the book sold through Smashwords.  Total purchases: 41.  That amount remains the same.  Some good traction on the free stories though, Paper Tigers has been downloaded 65 times, and No Strings just hit 70, getting a bump from Paper Tigers I’d assume since it flatlined at about 55 previously.

Kindle sold a total of 5 copies of my book, and one copy of The Troll.

Grand total: 6 books (one I bought, bite me) and 40 short stories sold in the first week.  Not bad, and I imagined it would be less quite frankly.

On the promotional side I tried a couple of things.  Widro put up a sidebar on IP for my book, which just rocks.  It’s still not available on iBooks, but I went around and put it up everywhere else I could think of.  Nook’s uploader is just fucking with me though, so unless Smashwords converts it for sale there, that ain’t happening.  Made a CreateSpace and Yulu accounts and will be getting proof books in the mail soon so that I can have a physical presence as well as a digital one.

I tried to create Reddit and Fark links, r/writing despite letting other folks create first time published conversations decided mine wasn’t worthy.  Fark link got shot down, though Drew at Fark said a FarkUs link would go through.  I’d already created a TF Discussion link though and felt that further links would be spamming the site even though I appreciated his response.  That TF discussion led to 3 of the 5 Kindle sales.

Frankly, I’m not sure what else I can do currently for self promotion.  CreateSpace sells the ability to have it reviewed by a trade, but that seems unethical as fuck to me.  So I asked Lucard who will kindly have his wife take a look at it so that it will be a clear look at the material, for which I’m grateful.

You can see that other authors have reviewed their own work, and I disagree highly with that, but at the same time I can understand the compulsion.  Reviews are promotional, without them you don’t stand as much of a chance to even get people to look at the product.  But reviewing your own work is disingenuous and a lie to the people you’re trying reach.  There’s a lot of interesting moral conversations about it on the web.

So one week, some sales made and a hopefully a few steps in the right direction.


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