Posted by: Matt Y | 01/14/2013

Published, sorta.

My wife finished her edits and I am grateful for that since she found a huge consistency error, and a couple of places I missed.  Not as many as I was worried about, but I also broke some major dialogue rules that I had to go through and fix.  Quite honestly, even after reading up on it, I’m still not 100% sure I have it right.  As long as it makes sense in the context of the story I think I’ll be fine, but now I’m wishing I’d paid more attention in English class instead of ignoring the teacher for a book.

So I went through, made sure all versions were the same, that the formatting was okay (copy/paste newer revisions fucked with it a bit).  Karen wanted to go over some flow issues where she thought one or two stories hung instead of moved forward, but I said fuck it and uploaded them all for publishing.  Took some time to upload it all.

On Kindle I don’t have the option of making some of the stories free, so it’s seven stories for $1 each or $3.99 for the whole deal.  On Smashwords, which will publish it to iBooks, they will be .99 each, with No Strings remaining free and Paper Tigers also being free.  I uploaded, crossed my fingers all that formatting would work ok (looked ok in the preview) and hit the publish button.  Smashwords uploads immediatly but it doesn’t get added to their premium catalog right away, and it takes about 1-2 weeks before iBooks picks it up.  I plan on making my own self promo drive after it’s available on both Kindle and iBooks.

Went to bed after.  Woke up to see I sold $20 worth of my writing.  It’s only $20, but goddamn, I wasn’t expecting that.  Now I’m all worried about errors and formatting all over again, I don’t want paying folks angry.

Already 20 free copies of Paper Tigers downloaded as well.  This is probably because I didn’t use shitty cover art like I did with No Strings.

So other than worry about if people will hate it, if I made some glaring errors, if the formatting magically reverted to something unreadable, I’ll think on what I want to write next.  I’m thinking space westerns.


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