Posted by: Matt Y | 11/03/2012

Vote Hell No.

Finished my volunteering.  It was kind of a mess since with a few days till the election and the organizing skills of a student led group led to more excitement than knowing what to do with it.  Very passionate people though.  I made calls to get volunteers on election night, while I get nervous about talking to people in person, on the phone can convince a camel to sell it’s humps, so they thought I rocked.

But phone work is boring, during it I thought back to the editorials I’ve read about the amendment and wanted to make clear my stance, why I’m voting, and why the arguments I’ve read against it are more full of shit than an outhouse.

Feel free to ignore this, but I like to write.  Sometimes words just need to get out, I don’t use Facebook all that often, but what the hell.  Understand that I am absolutely, 100% against this marriage amendment.  I’ve been treated with kindness, shelter and support by gay friends throughout my life and what I’ve heard during this amendment makes me a little sick and a lot angry.  There’s been a lot of arguments made for the amendment I’d like to address a few of them.

-Historically marriage has been between one man and one woman for the function of taking care of children.
-Gays are trying to change the definition of marriage.

There are a number of ways this isn’t correct.  For one, it ignores several cultures where this isn’t the case throughout history, as polygamy has certainly been the case in the past, plus certain aspects of Roman and Greek history have included examples of same sex unions or even the Emperor marrying men.

As far as definition goes, the definition of marriage has changed several times just within recent history, and a lot throughout the past.  In the early days of Christianity there was no ceremony required, in a church or otherwise, in order to be married.  It wasn’t until the 16th century that wives took the last name of their husbands.  There’s an entire history of changes to marriage, from the ceremony required, if it was registered by the state and/or church, the requirements involved, and restrictions (based on race, social status, class or religious differences).  Wedding wings used to be betrothal rings, until that was changed to be a part of the ceremony.  Saying it changes the definition of marriage is bullshit, since marriage is a constantly evolving social practice.

Saying that it is a function merely for the raising of children is historically inaccurate, as this ignores how often marriage has been used in the past for business, politics, to secure alliances, and so on.  Plus as a happily married man without children, fuck that.  My marriage to my wife has nothing to do whether we ever have children, and trying to trivialize the relationship between to people as nothing more than a necessary for a biological function is among one of the more dumb things I’ve heard during this election cycle.

These are all fallacies that distract from the issue without actually addressing it.  Not one of these arguments actually go against the idea of gay marriage, they try to change the topic instead.  If you’ve ever worked in an office, it’s the same as hearing ‘Well we could do things possibly in a different way, but this is the way we’ve done them for years.  Why would we change that?’

The other most common objection is the religious one, which also pisses me off.

I’ve heard people say that if gay marriage becomes legal (which voting against this amendment does not mean gay marriage becomes legal) that it will infringe upon their religious right to be against homosexuals.  This is not true.  It will not effect their tax status anymore than a Catholic priest refusing to marry a Jewish couple would.  It does not mean that they can’t preach against gay people.  It means that the churches who choose to marry gay couples would be able to do so, not force churches that are against it to do so.

A religion should never seek to change the state laws so that it favors their beliefs over the faiths of others.  Our country was partially built on the backs of Puritans who fled religious persecution by the Church of England by somewhat similar means.  They were unable to practice their beliefs due to laws being passed against them.  When as a group you seek to pass laws that prevent another group from practicing their faith, that is oppression.  When birth control is made available to more people, it’s not an attack on your faith since you can choose not to take it, it just means it’s available for another who may not share that belief.  If you try to enforce laws against people that are different from you merely because of those differences, that is called discrimination.

Lastly, I’m not very religious.  I believe in a higher power, I just think I’m too dumb to ever be able to comprehend the thoughts of a power so much greater than myself and that it is pointless to try.  However I have read the bible, and while there are some parts that are obviously the addition of man, the story of Jesus is one that appears to be ignored by so many religious group these days.  It’s a story about a man who could perform miracles, whose biggest miracle was to try and teach people to have respect for each other, and to try to be less of a dick to their fellow man.  I see words meant to teach people to love be instead used as an excuse to be hateful, and it pisses me off.  Where does it say ‘love thy neighbor, unless he’s gay’?

If you vote yes, at least don’t try to use a logical fallacy to try and excuse it.  That just tells me you’re dumb and easily mislead.

I’m voting no, because I think if someone wants to use the government to put a fence around marriage because they don’t like the thought of gays getting married, then they are a coward. 


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