Posted by: Matt Y | 09/10/2012

Writing went well over the weekend.  Think I hit the mid point in the story and now everything else is the roller coaster ride downhill.  Worried I might’ve gone a little overboard with set up, it’s 7k words in before I even introduce the conflict.  hopefully did not get too redundant, however I think I accomplished what I set out, building a character whose life would fold like a house of cards if she suddenly went from being at the top of her game to being bumped aside for something different.  Something mystical that she can’t hope to be unless drastic measures are taken.

Feel good about it so far.  Only thing that gets me is that I’m wrapped up in this now, and some of the other things that I do are falling by the wayside.  I enjoy playing video games as a method of decompression, and writing about them.  I haven’t really been gaming because Karen hasn’t been working nights very often anymore, and because I have this going on when she is working.  Not that I’m really complaining, only writing isn’t a form of stress release to me, at least not fiction writing.  It’s something I enjoy, however it also has it’s own stresses that are unqiue.  When I played Sleeping Dogs I felt like I needed to write the review for it, I have much to say on the subject of that game, but I can’t excuse the time.  So I don’t but then I have regret.  I wish I had a time machine to write, work my job, go to the gym, hang out with my wife, and play/write about video games and everything else I want to do.  There just isn’t the time.

The games will still be there when I’m done with this though.  But I need to shit or get off the pot.

Going through the google wormhole I discovered that with phantom limb syndrome that some sex change alterations feel that same phantom limb, but with their genitals.  That’s fucking crazy to think about.  I gotta find a place for that.  Also, in mythology there aren’t many Gods that do not have whole bodies.  Osiris was split apart and put back together missing his penis, but that appears to have been fixed given he sired a child after(Horus).  Tyr is missing a hand.  Aside from that,people do not appear to want to worship a God/dess that is not complete.  There are many examples of them having extra limbs, but missing ones?  No sir.


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