Posted by: Matt Y | 09/07/2012

There are a lot…

There are a lot of authors I admire for different reasons.  Right now I’m reading Tim Powers, and damn, he is awesome.  As in I’m in awe of his abilities.  Many authors can write about the fantastic until you lose youself in them, they have a fantastic ability to get people to suspend disbelief.  Powers does more than that, with his writing he approaches the fantastic and lays down a series of rules that almost make sense.  You start out thinking ‘There’s no way anyone can really trade bodies using tarot cards’ then by the end when a Jack is dressed up like Elvis to help aid his cause at becoming the King in the West, you think ‘That makes total sense’.  He takes magic and makes it a complicated pseudo-science that just looks crazy to the outsider.

The books of Tim Powers don’t encourage you to suspend disbelief, they show you another possible reality and then dare you to understand it.  It’s great.

Right now I’m not much further in my last story and I somehow have to explain why there are two women that have the ability to not only feel phantom limbs, but make other people feel them as well.  For me the key is describing just enough to make it seem slightly plausable, but not enough that it makes the person reading start picking at loose threads.  If I pull it off, I imagine that it will be disturbing and strangely relatable.  If I can’t pull it off it will probably just seem macabre and gross.


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