Posted by: Matt Y | 09/02/2012


Yesterday stalled out, but today was productive, I’m going to hit about 4k before the end of the day.  Word count really isn’t the best way of determining productivity, I can’t just write the word bored 4,000 and reach the same thing.  Plus when I start moving fast that means the greater I’m going to have to edit, since I throw out all of my understanding about how the English language works when I do that.

It’s going well but I think it will be longer than I intended, which part of me dislikes since I want to be done and onto the editing already.  It will be done when it is done though.  I’m actually digging this story more than I thought, though I’m still going to have to get my wife’s opinion on if I’m writing from the perspective of a woman well enough or not.  My biggest concern at the moment is I’ve established what the character is, and a little of how she interacts with others, now I’ve got to use those things to build up who she is and make it believable that she’s the kind of person who when her status is threatened would hack off a limb.  Not sure how well I’ll succeed in that.


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