Posted by: Matt Y | 08/20/2012

Huh, this exists

I didn’t remember I had already created a blog.

I’m going to use this for talking primarily about writing and my experiences with it, even if it is just shouting it out into the void of the internet.  I already babble too much about video games on Twitter (Whipt1), on Facebook (Matt Yaeger) with just random bullshit, and G+ for…well I’m not even sure.  So what I really need is one more thing.

I like writing, but it’s hard to find a decent group to talk to about it.  Most of the time you get the person who thinks your writing is okay, but it’s not really on their level.  Or the one who thinks that anything not poetry or serious fiction somehow is not really writing.  Or the folks who don’t read books or just whatever is popular, but write, and don’t see how reading effects writing.  As with any art there are a mess of egos that can come together, and most of the time don’t work well together.  Like how crazy people don’t work well in groups.  In fact, exactly like that.

But I want to talk about it, about narrative andcharacter development, and what I’m having problems with.  So I’m going to use this.  I’m also going to put up what I’m working on, though it will be password protected.  If you want to read it, contact me.


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